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What Are IMPACTcommunities?

IMPACTcommunities are comprised of community colleges, industry sectors, professional organizations, national/state/local workforce development programs, and others interested in leading and participating in essential and sustainable initiatives that advance workforce development programs. IMPACTcommunities evolve as collaborative problem solving processes to common challenges found in higher education today.

Women in Sustainable Employment (WISE) Pathways

Women in Sustainable Employment

Learn best practices and strategies to successfully engage women in high demand career pathways where they are currently underrepresented.

StoryTelling Network

StoryTelling Network

Learn how to use storytelling as a way to share solutions to the challenges of workforce development in higher education.

Jumpstart to Successful Instruction

Jumpstart to Successful Instruction

Learn how to support workforce development programs across all industry sectors preparing industry experts to become excellent teachers.

SkillsCommons Affordable Learning Solutions

Affordable Learning Solutions

Learn how the SkillsCommons Affordable Learning Solutions website helps institutions and students find free e-textbooks and online course materials.


Skills2Work Impact Community

Learn how to build bridges between educational institutions and employer/workforce training solutions leading to effective workforce pipelines.

OER Leadership Community

OER Leadership community

Connect with leaders in the OER community who are dedicated to providing access to education through open educational services.

IMPACTcommunity Goals

Our goal for the IMPACTcommunities is to enable affordable innovations in workforce education and workforce development programs to be easily and widely adopted and adapted by teachers, learners, industries, and professional organizations.  This focus is designed to help scale the benefits of the US Department of Labor’s TAACCCT investment in workforce development programs at community colleges across America.

SkillsCommons is leading these efforts as part of its sustainability strategy for TAACCCT and will be leveraging the extensive experience and technology infrastructure of MERLOT as part of our strategy.

Learn more about SkillsCommons IMPACTcommunities, where common challenges in higher education workforce development are identified and solved.

Ambassadors & Editorial Board Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Meet our SkillsCommons Ambassadors, Editors, and Subject Matter Experts (SME). Each bring their own varied sets of expertise, talents and skills to the work – all in the name of developing stronger workforce development pipelines and workforce training around Open Education Resources. From coordinating to curating, these consultants are an integral part of the SkillsCommons processes and team.

IMPACTcommunity: Ambassador Agreement

The SkillsCommons IMPACTcommunity Ambassador Initiative is putting a wide range of educational innovations into practice to problem solve common challenges in workforce training. Interested in learning how you can be more involved in these sustainability efforts? Take a look at the Ambassador Agreement or contact Maria Fieth at for more details.