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StoryTelling Network

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Purpose: To use storytelling as a way to share solutions to the challenges of workforce development in higher education. This community spans all industry sectors and may include broad scale discussions of student engagement in learning, successful completion of skills development programs, job placement, building partnerships and pathways, and others.

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Your story can offer solutions to common problems, encourage sustainability as well as leverage learning for those who come after you. Your story is important and we would love to help you tell it in the best way possible.

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A Robot Took My Job by John Milam

Country Western Song called “A Robot Took My Job” that tells the story of why we need to use competencies. Download song and view lyrics in SkillsCommons.

Ambassadors & Editorial Board Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Meet our SkillsCommons Ambassadors, Editors, and Subject Matter Experts (SME). Each bring their own varied sets of expertise, talents and skills to the work – all in the name of developing stronger workforce development pipelines and workforce training around Open Education Resources. From coordinating to curating, these consultants are an integral part of the SkillsCommons processes and team.