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WISE pathways - Women in Sustainable Employment

Welcome to the WISE Pathways IMPACTcommunity

Purpose: To share best practices and design, produce and/or digitize new and existing materials, tools, and strategies that successfully engage women in high demand career pathways where women are currently underrepresented. An editorial board made up of Subject Matter Experts assist in the critically reviewing, sharing, and developing these innovations.

In Demand Career Videos

Role Model Speaker Video
Sara Spence and Amanda Moyer

Role Model Speaker Video
Margie Chambers

Role Model Speaker Video
Kelly Baker

WISE Program Overview

WISE Mentor Program

WISE Pathways Sessions

Session 1 – Welcome to WISE Pathways
Session 2 – Work Habits
Session 3 – Team Building
Session 4 – Construction Industries
Session 5 – Manufacturing Industries
Session 6 – Energy and Utility Industries
Session 7 – Public Safety Industries
Session 8 – Information Technology Industries
Session 9 – Transportation Industries
Session 10 – Resume Writing
Session 11 – Sexual Harassment and Conflict Management
Session 12 – Technical Skills
Session 13 – Financial Management
Session 14 – Resume Review and Application Process
Session 15 – Interviewing and Networking
Session 16 – Graduation and Job Fair

Ambassadors & Editorial Board Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Meet our SkillsCommons Ambassadors, Editors, and Subject Matter Experts (SME). Each bring their own varied sets of expertise, talents and skills to the work – all in the name of developing stronger workforce development pipelines and workforce training around Open Education Resources. From coordinating to curating, these consultants are an integral part of the SkillsCommons processes and team.