SkillsCommons Team

Gerry Hanley

Gerry Hanley, Ph.D.

Executive Director, SkillsCommons

Executive Director, MERLOT

Director, Center for Usability in Design and Accessibility

Professor Emeritus, Dept of Psychology

California State University, Long Beach

David Walker

David Walker, MLIS

Technology Director, SkillsCommons

Director, Systemwide Digital Library Services, California State University, Office of the Chancellor

Rick Lumadue

Rick Lumadue, Ph.D.

Director and Customer Relations, SkillsCommons

Maria Fieth

Maria Fieth, M.A.RTC

Director, Partnership Development SkillsCommons

Donald Strand

Donald Strand, M.S.

MERLOT-SkillsCommons Webmaster

Marla Gunasegaram

Marla Gunasegaram, MLIS

Interface and Instructional Design, Digital Library, and Support Services, SkillsCommons

Jeff Kahn

Jeff Kahn, M.S.

SkillsCommons LMS integration, IMS standards, and interoperable content authoring and packaging.

Andy Fieth

Andy Fieth

Andy Fieth, MA

K-12 Innovations Specialist

Moustapha Diack

Moustapha Diack, Ph.D.

Senior Manager for Workforce Development Initiatives in Africa, MERLOT-SkillsCommons’ H5P Project Director

Sowjanya Dharmasankar

Co-Director of the SkillsCommons-Tamil Nadu Program in India

Kathleen Westman 

Co-Director of the SkillsCommons-Tamil Nadu Program in India

Gayathri  Chockalingam

Gayathri Chockalingam 

Senior Manager, Human Resource Management of the SkillsCommons-Tamil Nadu Program in India