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Intensively market products and services to the TAACCCT grantees and conference participants, acquire business intelligence about the opportunities for your company within the TAACCCT program and SkillsCommons services, develop business relationships with SkillsCommons and TAACCCT grantees, and become integrated into the TAACCCT/SkillsCommons communities throughout the year.

  • Work with SkillsCommons to complete a “makeover showcase” that will be displayed on the SkillsCommons website. Timeline of completing makeovers should be less than 3 months. Apply a Creative Commons license to the resulting work. Note that content in the SkillsCommons repository is available under Creative Commons licensing that allows for commercialization. A makeover can produce multiple versions of materials, some with CC BY and some versions only copyrighted for use within a commercialization strategy.
  • Participate in the invitation-only sessions for TAACCCT grantees at the INNOVATE Conference and have a special designation as a PARTNER on the SkillsCommons Website.
  • Print marketing collateral with your company’s logo will be distributed at the TAACCCT sessions and vendor will have a table-top display in the meeting room where the 2nd Annual TAACCCT Community Meeting will be held.
  • Present a 30 minute “spotlight session” in the TAACCCT Community Meeting Room to showcase their company’s makeover products and services. At the Makeover Studio session, we recommend you provide additional information including:
    • Pricing and/or discounts off of publicly-offered product/service
    • Training and professional development for faculty and student us
    • Description of handling exceptions (returns, extensions, technical support, etc.)
    • Description of any of user activity tracking and reporting features.
    • Descriptions of capabilities to use on specific devices and applications including LMS.
  • Design a webpage in the SkillsCommons CONNECT center that describes their makeover products and services.
  • SkillsCommons will also provide Partners the opportunity to deliver two 1-hour webinars open to TAACCCT grantees and all others. Marketing of the webinars would be through the TAACCCT, SkillsCommons, and MERLOT’s communication networks (see ).
    • The webinar will be hosted by Skills Commons and will use Skills Commons’ webinar delivery platform unless otherwise agreed.
    • The webinar will be recorded.
    • The webinar will be available under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY)
    • The webinar may be posted on the Skills Commons website.
    • The webinar will demonstrate the technology company’s products and services for digital content repackaging, redesign, reformatting, introducing interactive elements, making it mobile, improving interoperability, improving accessibility, improving usability, improving ease of distribution and adoption, integrating social media features, and/or more.
    • The webinar will review the makeover process and demonstrate with an example. This will showcase a “before” and “after” version of the content.
    • The webinar can include a call-to-action for grantees and others to contact the company directly.
    • The webinar can include special pricing or other offers specifically for grantees and others.
    • The webinar will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the company and SkillsCommons
    • Additional webinars can be prepared by mutual agreement.
  • Produce a case study of the makeover, preferably using multimedia to tell your story.
  • Receive special designations of your status as a partner within the SkillsCommons CONNECT online and face-to-face community activities.
  • Participate in a bi-monthly virtual meeting with SkillsCommons management team to discuss upcoming plans and events.
  • There are no additional funds from SkillsCommons to pay for the makeover services by companies.

Apply to Become a SkillsCommons Makeover Partner

It’s easy! Complete this brief proposal form for becoming a SkillsCommons Makeover PARTNER that include the below requirements.

Cost: $8,000 (in addition to INNOVATE Exhibitor/Sponsor costs)

Application*:  SkillsCommons Makeover Partner Application Download Word Document Download PDF Document

Technology companies who pass the screening process will complete an MOU to be SkillsCommons Makeover Partner. The MOU will define the roles and responsibilities of SkillsCommons and the technology company to mutually support the goals of each organization within this program. The MOU and the resulting determinations are not an agreement between SkillsCommons or the CSU and the vendor to purchase or use the service/product. It will be the decision of individual schools, faculty, and students to adopt, procure, and/or use the vendor’s service/product. As a SkillsCommons Makeover Partner, the vendor would participate in webinars, conferences, and other meetings for one-year renewable terms.

Submit Application To:

Gerry Hanley, Ph.D.
Executive Director, SkillsCommons
California State University, Long Beach
Center for Usability in Design and Accessibility
1250 Bellflower Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90840

*Maximum of THREE (3) SkillsCommons Makeover Partner opportunities are available at OLC/MERLOT Innovate

NOTE: All technology companies are welcome to submit a proposal form to become a SkillsCommons Makeover PARTNER. Showcasing a company’s makeover or being identified as a SkillsCommons Makeover PARTNER does not constitute an endorsement for the vendors or their products by SkillsCommons. Please send your proposal to by February 29, 2016. If you have questions, please contact Gerry Hanley at (562-951-4259).

Makeover Partner Application

Become a Makeover Partner Download Word Document Download PDF Document


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