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Workshops, Consultations, and Building Sustainable TAACCCT Communities

April 5 – 7, 2017 in New Orleans, LA

OUR GOAL:  Enable TAACCCT grantees to advance sustainable and transformative workforce development programs at the 2nd Annual TAACCCT Communities Meeting.

TAACCCT Program at INNOVATE 2017

The TAACCCT meeting is embedded within the INNOVATE Conference, co-sponsored by the Online Learning Consortium and MERLOT

CSU-MERLOT will sustain the SkillsCommons repository and services beyond the closing of all 256 TAACCCT funded projects.

SkillsCommons is building IMPACTcommunities to become part of its sustaining organization enabling affordable innovations in workforce education and workforce development programs to be easily and widely adopted and adapted by teachers, learners, industries, and professional organizations.  This strategy will help scale the benefits of the US Department of Labor’s TAACCCT investment in workforce development programs at community colleges in partnership with industries, professional organizations, and technology companies across America.



  • SHARE AND CONNECT with other TAACCCT grantees, higher ed institutions, industry organizations and technology companies at our invitation-only sessions and the entire INNOVATE Conference!
  • JOIN & LEVERAGE the current IMPACTcommunities and help launch a new community– BE THERE AT THE START!
  • GET SUPPORT from the SkillsCommons Support Team and others in the TAACCCT Learning Network to help you be successful on your grant!
  • LEARN ABOUT INNOVATIONS in technology you can apply to your TAACCCT project at the SkillsCommons Makeover Studio.
  • RAISE THE VISIBILITY of your project at a conference with over 1,100 professional attending.
  • LEARN ABOUT STRATEGIES  in online and blended learning strategies available at the INNOVATE Conference and
  • INVESTIGATE the new Workforce Innovation Track!




LAST YEAR: At the TAACCCT@INNOVATE 2016, over 50 TAACCCT grantees participated in the workshops to launch two IMPACTcommunities:

  1. StoryTelling Network is providing exemplary practices, rubrics, and templates for designing stories that communicate the powerful impacts of TAACCCT programs on workforce development success.   IMPACTcommunity members and resources will enable TAACCCT grantees to adopt/adapt the storytelling strategies to their projects, producing a demand for more services from the project.
  2. Industry Expert to Expert Teacher (IE2ET) supports workforce development programs across all industry sectors preparing industry experts to become excellent teachers. IMPACTcommunity members are building an open access library of videos, tools, and resources for exemplary teaching practices individuals and community colleges can easily and freely adopt and adapt to produce successful transitions of industry experts into expert teachers.


BACKGROUND:  Under a 4 year cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor, the California State University (CSU) and its MERLOT program has designed and is managing TAACCCT (Trade Adjustment Assistance for Community Colleges and Career Training) repository for the OER content produced by the TAACCCT grantees, called SkillsCommons.org.  SkillsCommons.org services are designed to:

  • Capture and preserve instructional and program support materials produced and/or used by TAACCCT grantees to deliver their innovative workforce development programs.
  • Enable discovery of the SkillsCommons.org materials so others can easily reuse them to accelerate and expand access to workforce development programs.
  • Build communities with members from higher education, industries, and local, regional, state, and national organizations to assure the quality and growth in the collection of free, open, reusable, and effective instructional and program support materials.
  • Build sustainable organizations and services enabling the longer-term returns on the TAACCCT investments.


TAACCCT@INNOVATE is one of SkillsCommons’ strategies to build communities and sustainable organizations enabling the longer-term returns on the TAACCCT investments.

OLC Innovate

OLC-MERLOT Conference
When: Apr 5-7 2017
Where: New Orleans, LA, Sheraton Hotel
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TAACCCT Program at INNOVATE 2017

Apr 5-7 2017
Where: New Orleans, LA, Sheraton Hotel
Meeting AgendaMakeover Studio