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With a CC BY license on all the instructional and program support materials created through the TAACCCT grants, anyone can reuse, revise, redistribute, remix, and retain the OER for their own purpose for FREE.   The SkillsCommons Makeover Strategy is designed to

  • Demonstrate how the open educational resource (OER) can be quickly improved in quality and usability by making it more reusable for others.
  • Showcase how partnerships between grantees and technology companies can produce the quality open educational resources that achieve the innovation goals of the TAACCCT program.
  • Showcase how TAACCCT Grantees and anyone else can re-use and makeover materials that were uploaded to SkillsCommons by an earlier TAACCCT Grant Project which enable grantees and others to not only accelerate the development of materials for their project, but also to satisfy the SGA requirements of the TAACCCT program (such as quality assurance, accessibility, etc.).

As part of SkillsCommons’ Makeover Strategy, the makeovers can be implemented in partnership with technology companies. SkillsCommons will offer a “Makeover Studio” at the OLC-MERLOT INNOVATE Conference to enable the companies to demonstrate their makeover capabilities.  At the Makeover Studio, companies will show the “before” and “after” versions of the materials that they obtained from the SkillsCommons repository and explain the value and capabilities of their tools and services.

For technology companies to participate in the Makeover Studio, they must be able to satisfy the TAACCCT SGA requirements for accessibility, UDL, licensing, and interoperability.   The companies are not on the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) Debarred Companies list.

We will elicit feedback about the makeovers from TAACCCT grantees (and others) and the makeovers will be highlighted on the SkillsCommons website. We will provide the companies participating in the makeover activities the feedback.


OLC-MERLOT Conference
When: Apr 5-7 2017
Where: New Orleans, LA, Sheraton Hotel
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TAACCCT Program at INNOVATE 2017

Apr 5-7 2017
Where: New Orleans, LA, Sheraton Hotel