Grant Project Showcase

Grant Project Showcase

Explore selected TAACCCT grant projects by Industry that have significant contributions in SkillsCommons.

Material Reuse Showcase

Reuse Showcase

Explore a showcase of TAACCCT material that has been reused by other TAACCCT grantees and others.

Material Makeover Showcase

Makeover Showcase

Explore a showcase of TAACCCT material that has been made over by other TAACCCT grantees and others.

Open CourseWare Showcase

Open CourseWare Showcase

Explore selected Collections of Open CourseWare Showcases submitted by TAACCCT grantees.

Project Outcome Showcase

Project Outcomes Showcase

Explore the outcomes produced by the TAACCCT grant projects and review the final program reports summarizing the workforce development benefits of the TAACCCT grant projects.