Reuse “as is” OER Showcase

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Explore our Showcase of SkillsCommons material that has been reused by others.  These showcases demonstrate how you can reuse the OER materials created by TAACCCT grant recipients and others.

What is Reuse?

Reuse “as is” =  no modifications were made to the original material(s). Materials accessed/downloaded from SkillsCommons and used “as is.”



Basic Computer Skills MOOC

The material was created by Northcentral Technical College and reused by Northwest State Community College.

Northcentral Technical College     Northwest State Community College

Northwest State Community College in Ohio is reusing this Basic Computer Skills MOOC that was submitted to SkillsCommons by the Intentional Networks Transforming Effective and Rigorous Facilitation of Assessment, Collaboration, and Education (INTERFACE) project. This course is helpful to students struggling with basic computer literacy. The Ohio Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is also using this course “as is” to assist people who are looking for employment, but lack basic computer skills. No changes or modifications have been made to this course.

Original Material: Basic Computer Skills Course

Reused Material: Basic Computer Skills MOOC

Healthcare iPad Simulations

Advancing Career and Training for Healthcare (ACT) – ACT for Healthcare is a statewide project with participation from all 16 colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System. The goals of ACT are to increase attainment of degrees, certifications, certificates, diplomas, and other industry-recognized credentials that match the skills needed by employers to better prepare TAA-eligible workers, veterans, and other adults for high-wage, high-skill employment or re-employment in the healthcare industry. ACT consortium members will work with 48 employers and industry representatives to develop, modify, and implement career pathways in identified occupational areas to improve and accelerate training and employment outcomes: 2452 participants served, 1562 participants will be completing a program of study, 1625 participants will earn credentials, 743 participants will obtain employment, and will deliver 96 new or modified courses (226 total credits), as well as 150 augmented reality learning simulations.

Original Materials: ARISE Simulations

Reused Material: Augmented Reality Healthcare Scenarios


Mechatronics Technology Certificate Program

The National STEM Consortium academic certificate in Mechatronics Technology is built on a 30-semester-credit model and is mapped to the Siemens Mechatronic Systems Level 1 certification. The skills taught include electrical, mechanical, and computer technologies. Graduates are prepared for entry-level Mechatronics positions in almost every industry.

Original Materials: National STEM Consortium Materials

Reused Material: Mechatronic Technology Certificate Program