National Information Security, Geospatial Technologies Consortium (NISGTC)

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Virtual Internships for Time-Pressed Students

NISGTC was a seven-member multi-state consortium led by Collin College to help prepare students for employment in the IT areas of programming, networking and convergence technology, cybersecurity, and geospatial technologies. With support from a TAACCCT grant, NISGTC worked with employers to create an innovative paid, virtual internship that enabled students to work on a concrete project with an IT employer via webinars, with a face-to-face presentation at the end. This paid, virtual internship was particularly helpful for students who were working and/or raising a family, for whom a traditional low-paid or unpaid internship would have been prohibitive.

The NISGTC program trained 6,201 participants for the IT sector and created four virtual internship/externship capstone courses (1). When Taylor Knoblock completed his virtual internship and then graduated in 2013, he was hired by a health care IT firm as a network engineer, with a salary $15,000 more than the $40,000 per year that he had been making previously (2).

“[These students] are smart, bright, hard workers and they’re employable.” (3)

—Tu Huynh, vice president of infrastructure technology services, Comerica Bank, and virtual internship mentor

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Additional Project Information

What is NISGTC: An intro to what NISGTC is all about

Additional Videos

An employer discusses NISGTC and the virtual internships

NISGTC students talk about their experiences in participating in the virtual internship/externship project

From Collin College student to AMX employee. Filmed at the NISGTC annual Consortium Meeting, April 2014

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