Michigan Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing (M-CAM)

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Creating Jobs, Exporting Michigan Products to the World

Home to the “big three” automobile-makers—Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors—Michigan is known for the strength of its advanced manufacturing. With support from a TAACCCT grant, a consortium of eight community colleges teamed up to form the M-CAM, a workforce solution designed to help unemployed adults gain skills and find jobs in welding, CNC precision machining, multi-skilled manufacturing/mechatronics, and manufacturing production and assembly (1).

During the grant program, the number of reported employer partnerships across the consortium colleges nearly doubled, from 204 in 2014 to 392 in 2016 (2). This increase in employer engagement led to more WBL opportunities including worksite tours, on-the-job training, internships, and apprenticeship opportunities. For example, Schoolcraft College (Livonia, Michigan) added a credit-based welding internship course to its associate degree program (3).

“It really changes the whole picture for a manufacturer to get the people they need to create products that Michigan wants to produce for the world.” (4)
—Julie Parks, executive director of workforce training, Grand Rapids Community College.

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