Supporting WBL and Apprenticeships with SkillsCommons

Why Use SkillsCommons for Work-Based Learning and Apprenticeships?

  • Apprentices can benefit from learning and preparing for success before entering the workplace with FREE online training materials.
  • Mentors and managers can make work-based learning more productive and efficient with FREE online training and program materials.

Benefits for Apprentices, Mentors and Managers

With free access to job-driven, workforce development materials from SkillsCommons:

Apprentices Can…

Apprentices at work

  • Become familiar with concepts, terms and vocabulary used on the job.
  • Become knowledgeable about the safety and workplace regulations.
  • Become oriented to the communication strategies and soft skills required for job success.
  • Become familiar with the different career paths within the industry and learn about the different levels and categories of competencies required for different careers.
  • Become familiar with some of the tools of the trade through practices on virtual labs (e.g. online electrical circuit labs).
  • Develop some self-regulatory and resiliency skills by practicing to become a self-guided learner.

Mentors and Managers Can…

Mentors at work

  • Identify and select the materials the apprentice should become familiar with in preparation for their work-based learning.
  • Review the communication strategies and soft skills required to effectively mentor the apprentice.
  • Become familiar with the different career paths within industry sectors and learn about the different levels and categories of competencies required for different careers.

Apprenticeship Projects in SkillsCommons

This project showcase highlights a variety of exemplary WBL programs of study across multiple industry sectors and geographic locations. The WBL models shown here encompass a range of activities that occur at the workplace, such as job shadowing, internships, and apprenticeships.

View Apprenticeship Project Showcase

Apprenticeship Resources in SkillsCommons

We have created “showcase collections” to make it easy for you to get started finding and using SkillsCommons’ resources.

View Apprenticeship Resources

Who Can Use SkillsCommons Training Materials?

  • Career and technical education programs in high schools, colleges and higher education institutions for FREE
  • Businesses and their human resource departments in a wide range of industry sectors for FREE
  • National, state, and regional workforce investment boards and workforce professional organizations for FREE
  • Individual instructors and learners for FREE

And all you need to do is download the materials, customize them as you wish, and provide the proper attribution to the original author of the resources.

Develop Your Apprenticeship Program

Planning Your Apprenticeship Program: The Basics
Successful apprenticeship programs benefit from for five players (mentor, apprentice, manager/supervisor, industry organization(s), and sponsor) implementing their responsibilities effectively. Learn more…

Leverage U.S. Department of Labor’s Apprenticeship Resources!
Find materials about participating in registered apprenticeship programs as well as starting and build registered apprenticeship programs and women’s equity in apprenticeships. Learn more…

Partner with Us!
SkillsCommons can provide a range of technical assistance to help you plan and implement your apprenticeship programs.