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The Open RN project is led by Chippewa Valley Technical College as part of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) consortium.

Banner that reads: Open Educational Resources for Nursing. The open RN project is fubded by a 2.5 million dollar grant from the Department of Education to create 5 OER Nursing Textbooks with 25 associated Virtual Reality Scenarios.

OER nursing textbooks and virtual simulations are collaboratively developed by faculty based on the WTCS State Nursing curriculum and the current NCLEX-RN Test Plan. Textbooks undergo national peer review by faculty, deans, industry members, and nursing students to ensure the content is accurate and relevant, written in clear language for pre-licensure nursing students, and based on current, evidence-based practices. All Open RN materials have CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons licensing.


Nursing Pharmacology (Published Fall 2020)
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Nursing Skills (Published May 2021)
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Nursing Fundamentals (Fall 2021)
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Mental Health & Community Concepts (Fall 2022)
Management & Professional Concepts (Fall 2022)

banner showing potential impact of the project including 5 OER textbooks, 1.5 million dollars annual cost savings impact, 25 virtual reality scenarios involving 200 + developers and 5700 + students.


The Open RN project is also developing 25 virtual scenarios with three potential levels of student access. The first two levels require the institutional purchase of an Acadicus VR software license for one or more “virtual spaces.” Open RN simulation scenarios can be run in these virtual spaces with multiple student groups, similar to a simulation lab, but in a virtual space. The first level of access allows students to become totally immersed in a virtual reality scenario in the virtual space by using a gaming laptop and Oculus Rift-S headset. Alternatively, as a second level of access, a faculty member can log into Acadicus, screenshare the virtual reality scenario with students in a classroom or learning remotely, and lead them through the clinical judgments required to complete the virtual simulation.

OpenRN YouTube channel

Screenshot of Youtube channel page for the OpenRN project

A third level of access allows students to easily complete free, online, asynchronous virtual simulations that are accessed by clicking on a hyperlink. No special equipment or software is required. Open RN virtual simulations are created using H5P software and have CC-BY licensing. Virtual simulations are incorporated into the Open RN textbooks as learning activities and are also available by clicking the button below. Media used in these virtual simulations has been uploaded to the Open RN YouTube channel with CC-BY licensing. Media contains patient videos, family member videos, nurse handoff reports, and interprofessional team communication.

This channel contains OER media with a CC 4.0 license being used by the Open RN project. The Open RN project is funded by a $2.5 million dollar grant from the Department of Education to create 5 OER Nursing Textbooks with 25 associated Virtual Reality scenarios. These all have CC-BY licensing so they can be reused or remixed with an attribution statement.