Creative Commons Licensing Guidelines

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Satisfying Creative Commons Licensing Requirements

Does your organization or institution require all new and modified course materials be CC BY licensed? If so, we have provided guides and resources to help ensure that your materials are appropriately attributed using the CC BY license.

How To Implement the CC BY License:

  • Implementing CC Attribution Licenses on Your TAACCCT Content: How-To Guide (6/18/15) [ Webinar ]
  • Adding a CC License to a Learning Management System Course Export  Dowload Word Document Download PDF Document ReadSpeaker Listen
  • Editing the CC BY License field in SkillsCommons  Dowload Word Document Download PDF Document ReadSpeaker Listen

Additional Resources

Creative Commons Video – “Wanna Work Together?”

Watch the Creative Commons “Wanna Work Together?” video and learn how sharing your creativity will enable people anywhere to use it, learn from it, and be inspired by it! This video pays tribute to the people around the world using CC licenses to build a better, more vibrant creative culture.

Accessible version of this video