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FREE and OPEN Technology Resources In SkillsCommons

The NH Tech Alliance has partnered with SkillsCommons to provide easy access to high-quality FREE and OPEN training resources for New Hampshire tech professionals and their workforce partners. This unique partnership with SkillsCommons supports the NH Tech Alliance commitment to nurture a vibrant tech ecosystem in NH by building partnerships, enhancing knowledge and shaping public policy.

Preparing Teachers and Students for Online Learning

Teaching and Learning Online Resources

In response to the recent developments due to COVID19, NH Tech Alliance, SkillsCommons and MERLOT created this FREE online resource to help both Teachers and Students prepare to start teaching and learning online.

Free Teaching and Learning Online Resourcesvisit

Featured Course

Jumpstart to Successful Instruction Course

A FREE and OPEN online mini-course provides professional development to industry experts, helping them establish successful learning environments, develop teaching techniques, and engage learners.

Featured Tech Program

Cyber Technology Program

Cyber Security Program

The NSC Cyber Technology Certificate Program maps to the Customer Service and Technical Support job category so that employers know exactly what knowledge, skills, and abilities program graduates have attained.

Featured Career Video

Telecommunications Engineering Career Video

Telecommunications engineering specialists design voice, video, and data communications systems to keep users connected.

Technology Training Materials by Occupation

Growing the Economy through Information Technology (Get IT NH)

The Growing the Economy through Information Technology project is a statewide project to develop, improve, and expand adult educational training pathways to careers in multiple industries that require certified information technology skills and knowledge.

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Training Materials by Technology Sector

Soft Skills and Work-Based Learning Resources

Soft Skills

Institutions and organizations recognize the importance of effective soft skills, or work-readiness skills. Ensuring employees are prepared is critical for an organization’s success and long-term retention of new hires. Soft skills materials address workplace communication, interpersonal skills, timeliness, adaptability – and more.

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Work-Based Learning

Work-based learning (WBL) methods, such as apprenticeships, are educational strategies that provide students and trainees with real-life workplace experiences. Find WBL materials in SkillsCommons that address both employer and trainee needs, leading to successful work-based learning experiences.

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Technology Resources by Material Type

Technology Resources by Credential Type

Find Technology materials that have been used in various degree or certificate programs.

Program Support Materials

Find materials that help support your Technology Program.

IMPACTcommunities supporting Technology

Women in Sustainable Employment Pathways

The Women in Sustainable Employment (WISE) Pathways IMPACTcommunity was created to share best practices and design, produce and/or digitize new and existing materials, tools, and strategies that successfully engage women in high demand career pathways where women are currently underrepresented.

WISE Pathways Communitywebsite

Jumpstart to Expert Instruction Network

The Jumpstart to Expert Instruction Network was created to support workforce development programs across all industry sectors preparing industry experts to become excellent teachers. This community focuses specifically on building an open access library of videos, tools, and resources for exemplary teaching practices.

Jumpstart to Expert Instructionwebsite

Technology Partnerships

Partnerships with Tech Companies

Explore technology companies that have partnered with SkillsCommons to effectively and affordably tailor training materials available in SkillsCommons. Partnering with these technology companies allows you to customize the FREE and OPEN educational resources meeting the specific needs of your users.

Tech Company Partnershipsexplore | Strategies for Building Partnershipsexplore

Business Resources

Business and Entrepreneur Resources 

Preview our showcase of Business, Management and Human Resources Open CourseWare. If you like what you see you can download the material from SkillsCommons and use it as it is, make modifications to it, or do a complete makeover of the material.

Business/Entrepreneur Open CourseWarebrowse

Effective Employer Engagement

The U. S. Department of Labor’s Effective Employer Engagement framework shows how TAACCCT grants helped to deepen employer engagement at all levels of program design and implementation, with employer partners taking on a variety of roles – from advising to strategic implementation.

Effective Employer Engagement Strategiesexplore

Technology Career Resources and Services

Technology Career Videos

View career videos for a snapshot of career and labor market information of more than 900 careers.

Video Game Designers Career Video

Computer User Support Specialists Career Video

Multimedia Artists and Animators Career Video

More IT Career Videos at Career One Stop

Occupation Profiles

Thinking about a new IT occupation? Learn details about career activities, wages, employment outlook, and more.

Local Training Finder

Search for local training providers by occupation, program type, location and more with the Local Training Finder.

Interest Assessment Tool

Trying to figure out what will interest you or your students in different careers? Explore careers that match your interests with the Interest Assessment Tool.

My Skills My Future

Looking to change to a new career? Enter your current or previous job in the search box below and get started.

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