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Once upon a time… 😉

(A History of the StoryTelling Network)

Once upon a time…a group of experienced and talented TAACCCT project members gathered in a hotel meeting room. New Orleans was unseasonably cool that spring of 2016, and the city readily offered itself up to the hundreds of higher education members who had made their way to OLC/MERLOT’s INNOVATE2016. It was there that a network of grant directors, program managers, and instructional designers came together to form TAACCCT’s first problem solving IMPACTcommunities, the StoryTelling Network and Industry Expert to Expert Teacher (IE2ET).

The StoryTelling Network IMPACTcommunity formed out of the idea that many TAACCCT projects had achieved numerous successes and had overcome great challenges. These successes and challenges overcome were told in federal and local reporting mechanism and third party evaluation reports. As great as they seemed, the stories lived in the depths of thick binders or were buried in hard drives forgotten shortly after they had been written.

That was until the StoryTelling Network created a platform for projects across the land to tell their own stories of successes and challenges overcome. Through webinars, blogs, podcasts, strategic illustrations, and other venues, projects found a place to share their voices. This StoryTelling will never take the place of formal reporting but rather compliments it allowing the audiences to quickly learn about what works in workforce development training and why. The StoryTelling Network IMPACTcommunity, facilitated by SkillsCommons and supported by TAACCCT Learning Network, provides educational organizations, workforce centers, and employers the opportunity to tell and to hear the wisdom of experience, sharing the light of knowledge easily and without great expense.  StoryTelling is an opportunity open to TAACCCT and non-TAACCCT entities, and the community welcomes you to the StoryTelling table.

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