Revise, Reuse and Makeover OER

The CC BY Creative Commons license on SkillsCommons materials provides opportunities for others to makeover, revise and/or reuse the materials in a variety of ways to create “derivative works” that could better serve the needs of different learners in different contexts with different technologies.

Reuse “as is” OER

Reuse “as is” =  no modifications were made to the original material(s)


Northwest State Community College in Ohio is reusing this course “as is” for students struggling with basic computer literacy. The Ohio Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is also using this course “as is” to assist people who are looking for employment, but lack basic computer skills. No changes or modifications have been made to this course.

Original Material: Basic Computer Skills Course

Reused Material: Basic Computer Skills MOOC

Revise and Reuse OER

Revise and Reuse = Edits to the content, including branding, scope, and sequence, have been made while keeping the authoring technology of the original material(s)


The Industrial Automation Manufacturing innovative Strategic Training Achieving Results (I AM iStar) grant project needed a program management resource to monitor their outside services contracts. The I AM iStar grant project reused the “Fiscal Monitoring Guide” (MS Word doc) submitted to SkillsCommons by the Missouri Healthcare Workforce Innovation Networks (MoHealthWINs) grant project.

Original Material: Grant Management and Technical Assistance Documents

Derivative Reuse: Monitoring Tool

Makeover OER

Makeover = Innovative technologies that have been applied to the original material(s) to transform them into more usable, UDL, and effective resources(s). Edits to the branding, scope, and sequence are made to the original content as well.


Original Material: Electronics/Avionics -This original material submitted to SkillsCommons by the Air Washington grant project consisted primarily of MS Word and PDF documents.

Madeover Material: Electricity Makeover – The SoftChalk authoring platform was used to makeover the original MS Word and PDF documents into more interactive and significantly more accessible learning materials that could accelerate students’ learning.

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