Missouri Healthcare Workforce Innovation Networks (MoHealthWINs)

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Missouri Healthcare Workforce Innovation Networks (MoHealthWINs) received a $19,982,296 Round One TAACCCT award to develop innovative and accelerated programs designed to meet the State’s critical demand for healthcare workers.

“We love your nurses because they have the skills and experiences that make them ready to effectively go to work the day they walk in the door. This new program is exactly what a well designed education program should be, and MoHealthWINs has provided the perfect support to make it happen.” — CEO, major healthcare provider

Defining Features of Project:

  • Grant participants expressed a high degree of satisfaction with program offerings and college support services. In addition, participants reported grant programs/services helped to improve their abilities and self-efficacy with regard to key workplace skills.
  • Through the development and implementation of short-term, career programs, MHW grant participants were more likely than non-grant students to complete a program award.
  • Individual campus culture/climate certainly impacted the extent to which MHW innovations and experimentation were supported. For those campuses who embraced the experimental nature of MHW, the grant has laid a solid foundation for further innovations associated with the following areas: development and redesign of programs using career pathways; re-design of developmental education; adoption of intrusive student and instructional support strategies; and expanded use of employer engagement to support program creation and continuous improvement.

Project and Outcome Report
InstitutionOzarks Technical College
Outcome ReportMoHealthWINs Impact Evaluation Report
Evaluation ReportsLead Research & Third Party Evaluator Reports
Industry SectorHealthcare
Grant Completed9/30/15
Grant Amount$19,982,296
State Profile ReportMissouri State Profile Report
Participation Metrics
Participation4,251 participants
Short-certificates earned (1 year or less)2,975 students
Long certificates earned (1 year or more)55 students
Two-year degrees earned219 students
Employment*2,249 employed after completion

*= As of the time of the Final Evaluation Report
Source: Grantee’s Third-Party Evaluation

“This program has given me the opportunity to accomplish one of my lifetime goals of obtaining a degree in the healthcare field.” — Ryan

“I had no type of training except at a factory…. I lost my job Oct. 1 and started classes Oct. 13. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done.” — Karen

“Students come to us prepared to work, not only with the talents they have learned, but with compassion and care. When they demonstrate ‘book smarts’ as well as the ability to truly care for patients, it’s wonderful.” — Kasey Irelan, Phoenix Home Health Care

“The MoHealthWINs team at MACC went above and beyond to work with my schedule. If I missed a class, I could pull it up on my laptop. Now I have a job where I enjoy what I do. Not many people get to do that.” — Jessica

“Students graduate from the MoHealthWINs programs with the skills they need to be successful as a bench technician in a lab. They are ready to step into any position. They come out of the program with excellent skills and experience.”
— Dottie Bayne, Lab Services Manager, Capital Region Medical Center