CTE Section 3

Audience: Instructional designers, Industry experts teaching in Secondary CTE settings

The Jumpstart to Successful Instruction course designed for CTE teachers provides professional development rich in resources to help teachers develop a successful learning environment. The materials are practical and presented in a manner that will allow for immediate incorporation of proven learning concepts into courses. This course is also well-suited as part of an overall support effort for new or returning teachers, and those seeking remediation opportunities.

103-01 The Refined Classroom

In this module participants will be introduced to the content of the Jumpstart 103 course modules for use in planning successful and effective courses.

Preview Online Course: The Refined Classroom
Download Materials: The Refined Classroom

103-02 Assessing Mastery-Based Learning

In this module participants will be introduced to the concept of mastery-based learning. The information discussed is define and examine characteristics of an authentic assessment. Additionally, a comparison of authentic assessments to conventional test will be made in determining how well the assessments measure a student’s mastery of the content of the course.

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103-03 Using Emerging Resources

In this module participants will be introduced to resources to utilize in building or enhancing your course. Participants will be introduced to interactive digital content and the use of open educational resources verses traditional resources to assist your students in reaching their educational goals successfully.

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103-04 Incorporating Project and Problem Based Learning

In this module participants will discuss project based and problem-based learning. The content will introduce the 4 key guidelines in developing project badge and problem-based learning assignments in a course.

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103-05 Collaborative and Experiential Learning

In this module participants will be introduced to three types of specific techniques to engage students in learning which are facilitated through the use of technology. Participants will be led through information on: collaborative inquiry, experiential learning and reflection as way to engage students in mastering their learning while teaching them how to apply the skills in advancing their education or within their employment.

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103-06 Investigating the Teaching and Learning Cycle

In this module participants will explore two models of sequential phases of learning, the Inquiry-Based or the 5eModle. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of these models and how best to use them in a classroom.

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103-07 Project Based Teaching Practices

In this module participants will understand the differences between traditional course teaching and learning and project-based teaching. Project based teaching practices offer alternatives beyond the traditional “off the shelf” curriculum and assignments. Project based learning expands the role of instructors to mentor or coach helping to guide students to tackle real world challenges or explore a meaningful question in deeper depth.

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103-08 The Industry Curriculum Connection

In this module participants will explore the connection between industry and the course content. The content will take a deep look in how instructors and institutions can ensure students exit an educational program with the skills needed to succeed in the workforce.

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