Be The Boss Entrepreneurial Course

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Audience: Instructional designers, Industry training and students

In the Be the Boss – Starting Your Own Business course, you will be guided through a series of five modules that cover the key functional areas of owning a business. At the end of the course, you will be able to apply your newly acquired knowledge through the generation of your own Business Plan.

In Modules 1-4, you will find a variety of teaching aids to help you tailor the course to your needs. These include audio prompts, end-of-section knowledge checks and badges that mark your progress. After completing each mini-module, you’ll get an assessment of your responses, so you can see, in real-time, areas that may need additional work.
Module 5 – Developing Your Business Plan is the capstone of this coursework. The module guides you through the business planning process with a template that, when completed, will be a draft of your business plan. This will be an authentic, original plan design, useful for starting your business as you share it with key partners committed in your venture.

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