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Apprenticeship Program Guideline Examples

Strategy 1 Developing and Delivering the Hybrid HVAC Apprenticeship Certificate

(Wyoming): Developed for individuals looking to complete the HVAC Apprenticeship Certificate Program to meet the State of Wyoming and Department of Labor (DOL) Office of Apprenticeship educational requirements.

IT Flowchart HVAC Pathway

(Mississippi): This is a graphic that depicts the college’s career pathway for HVAC occupations beginning with a core curriculum and culminating in an A.A.S. degree.

HVAC Theory Curriculum and Class Standardization

(Washington D.C.): This program of study presents the concepts of heating and air conditioning including air and refrigerant distribution systems.

HVAC Certificate Program and Syllabi

(Wyoming): HVAC Apprenticeship Certificate Program and related syllabi for a series of four classes required for the State Supervised Apprenticeship program.

Instructional Materials for HVAC Apprenticeships

Partnership Resources

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Soft Skills and Work-Based Learning Resources

Soft Skills Materials

Every Industry recognizes the importance of effective soft skills, or work-readiness skills. Ensuring that employees are prepared from the moment they step into the job is critical for any organization’s success and long-term retention of new hires. Find materials in SkillsCommons that address workplace communication, interpersonal skills, timeliness, adaptability – and more.

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Work Based Learning

Work-based learning (WBL) methods, such as apprenticeships, are educational strategies that provide students and trainees with real-life workplace experiences. Find WBL materials in SkillsCommons that address both employer and trainee needs, leading to successful work-based learning experiences.

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Instructional Materials in Utilities and Electrical Equipment

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