Noun Project Icon Attribution

The icons used on the website ARE Creative Commons licensed from The Noun Project and credit for each icon used is listed below.

Transport by Adrien Coquet –

Business presentation by Gregor Cresnar –

Officer by Nick Kinling –

Cogs by Gregor Cresnar –

Aide by Luis Prado –

Clerk by Gan Khoon Lay –

Military Hat by Ben Davis –

Management by Grgor Cresnar –

Biology by Modik, ES –

Law by Gregor Cresnar –

Settings by Creative Stall, PK –

Healthcare by Symbolon, IT –

Doctor by Wilson Joseph –

Food by Adrien Coquet, FR –

Farm by Iconathon, US –

Education by Creative Stall, PK –

Cement Truck by Creative Stall, PK –

Computer by UNiCORN, ID –

Social Services – Public Domain –

Business by Viktor Redyuk (Tim P), AU –

Janitor Vector Icon by ProSymbols, US –

Brush by LAFS, RU –

Architecture by Bjorn Andersson, SE –