SkillsCommons APIs

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Programmatic Access to SkillsCommons Metadata and Files

At SkillsCommons we recognize that members of the community may want to discover content programmatically. For example, a website offering Open Educational Resources (OER) may want to supplement search results with information about SkillsCommons content or a Learning Management System (LMS) may want to suggest to an instructor SkillsCommons content to accompany course materials during course design or to a student seeking material for remediation.

Choosing the Appropriate Access Method for Your Needs

Several approaches can be used to discover SkillsCommons content. Note these methods do not require authentication. Each approach focuses on a particular customer need.

SkillsCommons Upload Process

Institutions and organizations can upload submissions one at a time or in bulk. Individual submissions involve a multi-web form workflow for entering metadata and attaching files, while bulk submissions involve preparing a comma-separated values file (easy to export from, say, Microsoft Excel) containing each submission’s metadata as a row. For more details, consult the Upload & Manage Materials page.