Q: What material is required to be uploaded to SkillsCommons?

Answer: According to the SGA, the Department considers curricula, course materials, teacher guides, and other products developed with grant funds to be considered grant deliverables.  Many of these items were identified in each grantee’s statement of work as deliverables and to be submitted to the Department according to the workplan or prior to the end of the period of performance. Additional materials not identified in the original statement of work but produced with grant funding should also be uploaded to SkillsCommons. For example, if recruitment and outreach materials, student support materials, supplemental instructional materials, etc. was produced with grant funding, you should upload these materials as well.

Retrieved 6/10/2016 from: http://www.doleta.gov/grants/pdf/SGA-DFA-PY-13-10.pdf pgs. 54 (.iii) & 75 (4).

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