Q: What are the recommended file formats for digital assets that will be uploaded to SkillsCommons?

Answer: To enable others to easily access and work with all CCBY-licensed content, content should be made available in a file format that allows anyone to natively and directly edit the content. Content may be made available in multiple formats, but at least one of these formats must be openly editable by providing the original file format used to create the content. The type of file format varies by type of media:

For documents: Openly editable formats include original Microsoft Office files (e.g., doc, .docx., .ppt, etc) and other editable document files. An example of a closed document format is a PDF, since files with the .pdf extension do not allow edits.

For images: Source files should be shared for images (e.g. Adobe Photoshop), video clips, or Flash (such as FLA). 

For video: Common video formats include MP4 (H.264), MOV, OGM, WEBM, FLV, and AVI

For audio: Common audio formats include MP3, OGG, FLAC, and WAV, Theora and MP4. For audio-only files, exporting to OGG Vorbis and MP3 is recommended. Include high-resolution versions of videos where possible.

Retrieved 6/10/2016 from: http://www.doleta.gov/grants/pdf/taaccct_sga_dfa_py_12_10.pdf.  pg. 72.

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