Q: I downloaded a folder with an extension .imscc however, I am unable to view the contents. Is it possible to view the contents of this folder?

Answer: When downloading, moving, or sending many files, it can be convenient to first compress into a single file the set of many files.  This single file is referred to as an archive or “zip” file.  An IMS Common Cartridge is such an archive with an extension of “imscc”.  Many Learning Management Systems (LMS) can export and import a course’s files in this format.  To view the content of the “imscc” file, simply rename the file’s extension to “zip”.  Your operating system should then offer a way to uncompress the file, by clicking on it, through a file menu, or tool such as Winzip on Windows and unzip on a Mac.  Note that to import the content into an LMS, refer to the imscc file and not its expanded folder of files.

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