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SkillsCommons facilitates partnerships between technology companies and – SkillsCommons users to help achieve their goal of designing and delivering technology enhanced curriculum that accelerates and improves the development of job-driven workforce development skills.

Want to Partner with SkillsCommons?

SkillsCommons is looking to partner with technology companies to leverage the OER within the SkillsCommons Repository.
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Want to Connect with Tech Companies?

Working with technology companies can help you deliver innovative and effective technology services within your workforce development program.
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Tech Partner Program

Learn about our Technology Partnership Program and how you can connect to highly skilled technology partners to transform OER into exactly what your institution needs.

SkillsCommons Makeover Strategy

There are a number of opportunities for collaborations, partnerships, and business relationships that can be mutually beneficial for, SkillsCommons, end-users, and companies.

SkillsCommons has implemented a “Makeover Strategy” to demonstrate how the open educational resources (OER with CC BY licenses) produced by the grant projects can be revised and used in innovative ways to improve the qualities and capabilities of the instructional materials and enable successful learning.  SkillsCommons has invited technology companies to participate in the Makeover Strategy and:

  • Demonstrate how their technologies and services can be powerful instruments to “makeover” the OER and produce higher quality and innovative resources.
  • Showcase makeovers of grantee’s materials on the SkillsCommons website, along with information about the company’s products and services.
  • Jointly Market the makeovers as exemplary practices through a variety of communication channels and strategies, including: social media, print media, webinars, and face-to-face sessions.
  • Participate in the Online Learning Consortium/MERLOT INNOVATE Conferences and other related conferences to deliver face-to-face workshops and engagements on how to apply technologies in a makeover process.

The opportunity to participate in the SkillsCommons Makeover Strategy is open to all technology companies.  To become a SkillsCommons Makeover Affiliate or Partner, the company has to submit a proposal and evidence that their services enable others to meet SGA requirements for accessibility, UDL, interoperability, quality assurance, innovations, improvement in learning, acceleration in development of workforce development skills.