Grant Projects in Healthcare

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Below you will find a selected list of Healthcare Industry grant projects that have significant contributions in SkillsCommons.

Bridges 2 Healthcare Website


The purpose of the Bridege2Healthcare grant is to provide opportunities to explore and train for careers in healthcare.

View: Bridges2Healthcare Materials in SkillsCommons

Florida Regional Consortium for Technology Enabled Learning Solutions Website

Florida Regional Consortium for Technology Enabled Learning Solutions (FRC-TEC)

The FRC-TEC program designs career readiness steps to improve the capacity to deliver education and career programs using technology-enabled training and restructured delivery.

View: FRC-TEC Materials in SkillsCommons

Health Professions Pathways Consortium

Health Professions Pathways Consortium (H2P)

H2P is a consortium comprised of 9 colleges implementing strategies to improve healthcare education by streamlining educational pathways.

View: H2P Materials in SkillsCommons
View: Final Program Report

Utah Werks Website

Utah Workforce Education and Retraining for Knowledge and Skills (WERKS)

WERKS is a group of colleges & universities that have banded together to provide Utah residents with new and fast programs for training and job placement!

View: Utah WERKS Materials in SkillsCommons
Visit: Utah WERKS Website

C3T Hawaii Website

Community College and Career Training (C3T)

C3T Round 1 is a consortium grant led by UH Maui with Kapi’olani CC, Honolulu CC, Leeward CC, and Kaua’i CC. The new cyber security component received 2 million dollars for 3 years of implementation.

View: C3T Materials in SkillsCommons
Visit: C3T Website

ACT for Healthcare Website

Advancing Career and Training for Healthcare (ACT)

ACT is a collaborative effort between Wisconsin’s technical colleges to provide training and support services to TAA-eligible workers, veterans, and other adults, preparing them for high-growth careers in the healthcare industry.

View: ACT Materials in SkillsCommons
Visit: ACT Healthcare Website

MoHealthWins Website

Missouri Healthcare Workforce Innovation Networks (MoHealthWINs)

Innovative statewide initiative to provide grants for training in growing manufacturing & STEM occupations at Missouri’s public two-year institutions.

View: MOHealthWins Materials in SkillsCommons
View: Final Program Report
View: Evaluation Reports – Lead Research & Third Party Evaluator

Consortium of Healthcare Education Online Website

Consortium of Healthcare Education Online (CHEO)

The CHEO Project is in place to help community college students develop the skills needed to secure viable and sustainable employment in the allied health fields.

View: CHEO Materials in SkillsCommons
View: Student Stories & Photos | SkillsCommons Record



Virginia RETHINKS Health Science Education

Tidewater Community College is leading a statewide consortium of all 23 of Virginia’s Community Colleges to implement seven strategies that will contribute to the realization of the Achieve 2015 strategic plan and the RETHINK re-engineering plan.

View: RETHINKS Materials in SkillsCommons
View: Video Interview with RETHINKS Project Director

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