Documentation of Accessibility Features

SkillsCommons offers accessibility features that allow users to easily navigate and read the SkillsCommons web interface. The web interface supports screen readers for all available creator and viewer interfaces. The web interface also support keyboard access, allowing you to use the tab key to access all available functions. All sessions fully support adding and displaying captions.

Screen Reader Support

The website has been designed for screen reader compatibility.

Keyboard Access

Most of the functionalities and links in the web interface are accessible by using the tab key. The tab key will move from function to function and you can hit enter to use that function.



Embedded Player Captions

Where videos are provided, captions will be displayed on the embedded video player. Embedded captions will overlay the video.


Accessible Media Player

Accessible versions of all videos are provided using the accessible cross browser media player, Able Player.


DocReader and ReadSpeaker

DocReader is made available for Word and PDF documents making them accessible to more people by letting  users view and/or listen to them on any device with no plugins required.

 ReadSpeaker can be made available on certain Support Center and Connect Center pages upon request.