Industrial Technology Apprenticeship Resources

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Industrial Technology apprenticeships

Career One Stop occupation profile (salaries, employment outlooks, and more) with a video about Industrial Technology

U.S. Department of Labor’s Registered Apprenticeship Programs in Advanced Manufacturing

Examples of Guidelines for the design of apprenticeship programs

Examples of Instructional materials for apprenticeship programs

  • Industry Readiness Training (Massachusetts): The Industry Readiness Training (IRT) Program is a short- term intensive non-credit training program developed with industry employers to prepare students for entry to mid-level jobs in the local, diverse advanced manufacturing industry.
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics Curriculum & MOOCs (Louisiana): This product contains syllabi, final exams, a Manufacturing Skills Standards Council Certified Production Technician credential and the consortium’s proposal to the state Board of Regents to authorize and implement Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics programs of study.
  • MTT 121- Machine Tool Theory (South Carolina): Machine Tool Theory – Module 1/Introduction to Machining, Module 2/Safety in Industry, Module 3/Comparison Measurement, Module 4/Precision Measurement, Module 5/Layout Techniques, Module 6/Hand Tools, Module 7/Sawing, Module 8/Hole-Making Operations.
  • 121 Engineering Simulations (Iowa): Explore over 120 3D simulations covering more than 15 topics on engineering.

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