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Purpose: To support workforce development programs across all industry sectors preparing industry experts to become excellent teachers. This community focuses specifically on building an open access library of videos, tools, and resources for exemplary teaching practices that individuals and community colleges can easily and freely adopt and adapt to produce successful transitions of industry experts into expert teachers.

Join our online community forums for the IE2EI at our MERLOT Voices website.   MERLOT Voices is a collection of over 100 online communities forums led by a wide range of individuals and groups.  We have biweekly conference calls to keep our project moving forward, and you can review our activities and progress at the IE2EI Community website within MERLOT Voices.

IE2EI Instructor Interviews

Instructors talk openly about challenges of teaching their first college class.

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IE2EI Adjunct Onboarding Course

Pilot Program

July 2017 – December 2017.
The Goals of the IE2EI Piloting process are:

  • To assist in the development of a highly pragmatic, user-friendly course designed to support industry experts new to the classroom and thus increase student achievement.
  • To deploy standardized measurements in course review and piloting in order to create consistency in the feedback process.
  • To launch a well-developed and vetted onboarding course that will prove to be a teaching asset for new instructors.
  • Free and Open Support for Industry Experts New to the Classroom (blog post)

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New Faculty Development Course

Sneak Peak of Industry Expert Course

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