Program Support Materials – Material Types

  1. Articulation Processes and Agreement
  2. Grant Management Materials – planning and implementation materials, building plans/layouts for labs, equipment lists, best practices documents, case studies.
  3. Instructor and/or Advisor/Case Manager Support Materials
  4. Job Training/Fieldwork Experiences – on the job training, clinical training, registered apprenticeships, internships, community service.
  5. Partnership Resources – industry associations, labor organizations, local workforce investment boards, industry employers.
  6. Program
  7. Program Assessment and Evaluation – needs assessments, student tracking systems, employment data.
  8. Program Planning  Resources – program administration materials, program planning resources, financial aid for off-term or accelerated programs, professional development resources, labor market research strategies, industry studies.
  9. Quality Assurance Report – Accessibility Report
  10. Quality Assurance Report – Course Design Report
  11. Quality Assurance Report – Creative Commons Licensing Report
  12. Quality Assurance Report — Subject Matter Expert Report
  13. Quality Assurance Report – Universal Design for Learning Report
  14. Recruitment and Outreach – brochures, websites, videos, radio advertisements, posters, outreach material templates.
  15. Student Support Materials – individual learning plans, academic advising, career counseling and planning, career assessment profile, tutoring, mentoring, peer-to-peer support, job placement services.