Q: Why are there so many CC licensing choices in the submission process?

Answer: The reason there are so many CC licensing choices in the submission process came about as a result of working with grantees in the early stages of development of the SkillsCommons metadata around the issue of being able to select different types of licenses for materials that were not licensed with a CC-BY license. For example, learning objects developed by the grantees themselves outside of the TAACCCT grant, or material used by the grantees that was developed by others and made available under a Creative Commons (or similar) license.

We think it’s wise to give the grantees the option of uploading these materials along with their other learning resources. However, we think it’s best to limit this only to material offered under any of the various Creative Commons licenses. Grantees will need to ensure that these materials include the reference to the appropriate CC license, just as they need to do that with the CC BY License for the TAACCCT materials themselves.”

To be clear, all proprietary material must be removed before uploading content to SkillsCommons. However, we think it’s valuable to end users to see all of the materials used in these courses, even if some of it is commercial. For this reason, we added a repeatable field to the learning resource metadata schema to allow grantees to link to the website where these resources can be obtained.

Grantees may put a statement that says what the proprietary material is and ideally a link to where others can find it from the publisher and arrange for their own rights to use.

Category: Creative Commons Requirement

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