Q: What is the Creative Commons licensing requirement for a course that is a mix of content developed using TAACCCT grant funds with existing content that was not developed with TAACCCT grant funds? Are we required to apply a CC-BY license and upload all the course content to SkillsCommons or just the portion developed with TAACCCT grant funds?

Answer: You are only required to apply the CC-BY license to the course content developed with TAACCCT grant funds and then upload these content to SkillsCommons. In addition, if the previously created content was modified with TAACCCT grant funds, the revised content must be released with a CC-BY license and uploaded to SkillsCommons.

In the spirit of OER, grantees are encouraged to apply CC-BY license the entire course and upload it to SkillsCommons. This will provide wider recognition of your efforts. You can also apply alternative Creative Commons licenses to the previously create content (e.g. CC-BY-SA) that might be more acceptable to the authors of the content. Adding Creative Commons licenses and uploading the content to SkillsCommons provide opportunities for a wider audience to review, use, and build on your work.

If you do not upload the previously created content, it would be very helpful if you included a description of the additional resources used in your course so that people reviewing your submitted resources have a better understanding of the entire course context and content.

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